Friday, October 30, 2015

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Welcome AP Biology students!!!

The summer project for this year will not be difficult. It will be an interactive exercise designed for you to get familiar with your new tablets. There will be a variety of websites you will need to visit. These websites are ones we will be using all year long. I encourage you to have fun with it and, although I will only have a few questions for you to answer, deeply explore each website and try to find a few of your own. In fact, that is your first assignment. This assignment is due the first day of class. As of right now, all the answers to these questions will need to be in a word document. They will need to be uploaded to my Moodle class page. This is NOT accessible at this time. So, for now, keep everything in a document saved to your U drive.

Assignment 1: Find FIVE Biology websites that you believe will be helpful to you this year. You may not use any websites that are already listed on this blog. If you are unsure of the content of this course, look back on this blog and find the resources that are listed.

Assignment 2: Go to this site: Biology Junction. Find the link Bozeman Biology. Watch the first video, Introduction to Biology. This website is an INVALUABLE resource to what we will be learning. We will watch many, many videos of Mr. Anderson explaining various difficult topics. He explains difficult Biology concepts better than anyone I know. Write down three key concepts you learned watching this video.

Assignment 3: Get familiar with the links on the Biology Junction Website. Look at "Writing Abstracts", and "Formal Lab Reports". Get familiar with the format for the abstracts and the lab reports.

Assignment 4: Find the link for being a successful biology student. Out of the principles listed, EXPLAIN your strongest three and your weakest three.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

PowerPoint for Advanced Biology Chapter 21

Chapter 21 PP
Scroll down and find the link to Chapter 21: Digestion and Nutrition. Click to open the PP. Once you open the PP, you may be asked for a password. The password is "apbiology", one word, no space.